It would be unlikely to come across a woman whom has never been told, or heard of others being told by some or other imbecilic male that “Women could never be in positions of power, three irrational days in a month and they will be starting wars” or something to this effect.

First off buddy, you have your time frames all screwed up, woman ride the dragon for at least a week, and do just fine.

Most importantly however, i would like understand how anyone can rationalise the idea that a woman experiencing PMS could ever be more erratic, irrational and senseless than Donald Trump. I simply don’t see it.

Exploring this topic a little deeper, lets talk about how society looks at characteristics displayed in men due to male hormones, and those displayed in woman due to female hormones.

Allow me to point out how phrases like ‘boys will be boy’ and ‘hes just being a man’ soften and except the behaviour of men, on issues like violence, rape and disrespect towards woman.

Bring this to female terms however, and a woman’s hormones are used against her. Society tells women that because of how their bodies run, they simply are inferior, they cant be trusted with decisions of power and that they should bend to a mans superior command.

Ahem, bullshit.

Why is it that we, as a society have allowed men to commit atrocities, because they are men, whilst woman are not allowed to take part in and create brilliance because they are not men.