An open letter to the American leaders,

Can ya’ll just chill?

Sincerely, a tumblr addicted, Netflix watching, tweeting, information absorbing, shocked centennial.

Currently, I can’t decide whether the whole world just cant read ‘the room’ regarding unstable social climate, or if you just need to stir the goddamn pot.

PLEASE, this is my future you’re talking about. I’m not okay with a 70-something-year-old cheeto dictating the social situations in a world he has almost finished existing in.

I am the one being left with these broken policies, these destroyed futures, the hurt people, all the scars.

I don’t want my brothers, my sons and my boyfriends to receive a drafting letter for WW3 while i’m trying to graduate high school. THIS IS OUR FUTURE, THE YOUTHS FUTURE –


In am attempt to get you to understand this, we don’t want to be left in disaster. We have bigger things to deal with then yet another world war, we need to deal with shit like global warming, and honey bee extinction.

I’m not saying this is straight forward, because its not. I am saying that i want someone in charge, who is going to have to LIVE with their actions, live in a world where his actions have had a real effect.

I’m not American, but i feel the right to speak, because, lets not joke, if you decide to, regardless of what country i’m in – i will be among them, taking the fall.

Please, consider this a cry of desperation. I can’t let you risk my life, for another figure in you bank account.

The Woman In The Room.