The short answer? I don’t.

Please see below for an obsessive, feminist, sorry, ‘misandrist’ elaboration on such an answer:

Lets start at the beginning?

Feminism; noun, the movement for equality between all genders, (full disclosure, the actual definition may refer to ‘both’ genders. rather than ‘all’ genders, but, bare with me, i’m an obsessive ‘misandrist’, remember?)

As the definition states, feminism is a movement for gender equality, not gender inequality, i.e man hating.

And, try as I might, the only formulation as to why men are so quick to translate this movement to that of an anti male one, is a simple, clumsy and ill formed defence mechanism.

Here’s why, when those that are privileged stand to have to share some of that privilege, to have to play on an even field, they get, in short, a little worried. Its only human to, when feeling stressed, lash out. You know? by attacking those trying to gain some equality. Obviously.

Now, I understand that what i’m doing below is a little judgemental, taking words that have been said to me and dissecting them, but, having had such things thrown at me so repetitively, well, you cant blame a girl for eventually peeking under the curtain.

Some actual words said to me, by real life people:

‘What gender inequality? its the 21st century, we have equality, feminism is cancer!’

Well, to start, in a world where women fear walking alone at night, where the president of one of the strongest nations on earth can be caught on tape referencing to sexually abusing women, and then still be voted into office, and where women are still, even despite the equal pay act, paid 25% less than a man for the same work… we do still, in fact, live in a world of gender inequality.

Next, the typical and cliched association of feminism with a disease that has claimed the lives of millions of people… cause, that’s the same thing right?

‘You just need a good fucking, femanazi!’

No buddy, what I need is to not be threatened with rape when fighting to live in a world where rape is not a constant threat, like that would be great… and feminazi? do those who utter this word as an insult understand its seriousness, have they studied it? Are they aware of the hatred, the horror and the inhumanity of the holocaust. How have we allowed this kind of insult to become mainstream?

It looks to me, that, more so than a ‘man hating’ movement, feminism is a ‘please stop women hating’ movement. Please, to all the sexist men and women reading this, I beg of you, to not force us to rise up over you, to crush you, to do the things you worst fear we will, because you were too afraid to give us an inch. We, the true feminists, the only feminists, will fight, with everything, until we reach equality. Fairness, for all Genders, female, male or any other. Our goal is not to tear away the rights of men, our goals are not to deny men of any privilege. Our goal, simply, is to reach equality.

Don’t interpret this as a threat. Simply a plea, allow us to raise peacefully. Allow equality to bloom. Please.

                                                                                                              – The Woman In The Room.