“The wage gap is a myth! Don’t you know about the equal wage act?!”

Are you tired of hearing this bullshit and knowing that you have to now deal with a long and exhausting ordeal of explaining that there is, in fact still an evident wage gap that needs to be dealt with, and why a law actually doesn’t change that.

Simply put, because we live in a patriarchal society, wherein women most often take on the role of raising children and domestic work, businesses and employers, even in the first world, use these reasons to say that women in the work force come with liabilities, liabilities that they may leave work to go raise children, and therefore, the company should not invest in them, and, well, that is actually just good business.

Here is the issue though, as anti feminists, and argumentative denialists love to point out, we are in the 21st century, and women are changing the stereotypical gender roles. It is slowly becoming more normalised for women to have careers while their partners take on the home responsibilities, or, for women to just not have kids at all. Putting aside the fact that its difficult as it is to be a women in a corporate world due to societal pressure to have children and settle down. Women are looked at as if something is wrong with them if they don’t have or want kids, young girls are told that they’ll ‘grow out of it’ when they say they aren’t interested in having children.

So now, say we do have a women in the corporate world, she’s climbing the ladder along with her colleagues, and has reached the point where all the fall-outs have left, and shes facing serious promotions, she is looking at a very bright and successful future, in this future, her career is going to be her main focus, but why is she still going to make 80 cents to a mans dollar? Because businesses can still justify it, they can make a case to pay female employees, who are being just as productive, less, because of an accused liability that comes with their genitalia.

So, while sure, there is a law, saying that legally women must be paid equally for equal work, this law isn’t actually upheld, and what i think needs to be done, is rather than fighting the businesses, we need to change the society, and get rid of the patriarchal thinking, so women are no longer put in such positions, and we can actually eradicate the wage gap, because, as iconically said:

“I need to end the wage gap, because i plan on marrying rich and i cant do that if my wife can only earn 80 cents to a mans dollar.”

There you have it, why there is a wage gap, and why we need to keep fighting it.

– The Woman In The Room